Betula's Favorites.... For Bath, Body and Pampering!

Luxurious Bath Oils & Mineral Bath Salts

A wonderful way to soothe tired muscles, detox and moisturize dry, itchy skin!  Crafted with quality mineral salts, plant oils, botanicals, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Soap Making Classes

For those who wish to learn how to make soap...a few classes will be offered starting this year.  Please contact me via the contact page and more information will be sent to you.

Artisan Soaps

Hand crafted with premium oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and natural botanicals for color and exfoliation.

Soothing Balms

Assorted balms created to bring relief for sinus congestion, sleeplessness, dry skin and chapped lips!  Made with beeswax, plant oils and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Sugar Scrubs

Available with the same essential oils blends as all of the soaps!  Create a wardrobe of matching or harmonizing scrubs and soaps!

How Betula Makes Soap.....

Soothe your mind, body and soul with hand crafted soaps, sugar scubs and other body care products!